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Have you been led to think that building an online business is easy and that anyone could do it if they had the blueprint?

This is what most of the online marketers would like you to believe but it is not true. It is not easy, and anyone cannot do it without help from someone that was able to crack the code.

However, don’t let me put you off if you are ready to start your online business. Just be aware that it does take a lot of work and it is not easy. With the help of AI and the proper use of it, it is somewhat easier than before.

The True Secret to Online Success

The main key to online success starts with a mind shift. If you have been doing any offline selling, then you must understand that online marketing is just the opposite.

Selling to people means finding people and then you try to convince them to buy your product or service.

Online marketing is getting the attention of people with a specific problem or “pain” that your product or service can solve for them.

Today the marketplace on the internet is saturated by everybody trying to shout harder than the next one:

“Buy my stuff because it is the best on earth!”

People have become immune to this type of marketing and that is why they get up from watching TV when ads are showing and get themselves a coffee or they take a bathroom break.

On the other hand, if you have a problem that you struggle to solve like repeated migraines or your back hurts, then when a new remedy for your problem is shown, you take notice.

This is exactly what happened to me about 10 years ago. I was struggling with arthritis with severe pain in my shoulders. It was so bad that I could not even hold a cup with just one hand or comb my hair or brush my teeth without pain.

The medicine that my doctors prescribed was affecting my stomach and the side effects prevented me from using it regularly. It saved me from even more problems though.

Once on the road I was listening to the radio and heard a lady explaining that there is an age-old natural remedy that people from the East were using for thousands of years that are now available in capsule form.

It does not work quickly, but if you use it over an extended period, it can heal your arthritis. When I got to the next town, I looked for a pharmacy and bought these capsules.

I took it for about two years and after some months the pain was less, and I was able to comb my hair and brush my teeth without pain once again.

I could even touch my left ear over the top of my head with my right hand after one year. Something I could not do for years.

Attraction Marketing

This is how a good online marketer stands out in all the noise around them. I had a problem and heard a message about something that can solve my pain and I was willing to invest my money to try the solution proposed.

You find where people gather with a certain problem that your product or service has a solution that can give them the desired results that they desire.

The easiest way that people nowadays look to find a solution to their problem is to ask Google. This is where you want your solution to appear, and it is not as difficult as most people think.

The algorithm for Google has always rewarded those that supply real value to visitors that search for a solution. For instance, if you have a blog where you post solutions to real problems that people can have results with, then your blog articles will be ranked high in Google.

The problem is that people have tried to game the system by loading articles with keywords that they think would outwit Google. In effect it had just the opposite effect.

The best SEO or Search Engine Optimization is just to regularly add true value articles to your blog. You don’t even have to do any keyword research. Google will find your solution if people like what you have to offer and get the desired results.

Today people try to use AI to write articles for them to get better rankings but Google use AI themselves and can detect these articles. That is why it is now even easier to rank in Google with real content that has value for the people searching for solutions.

Since YouTube is owned by Google, you can create free videos on YouTube with your solution. When people search for a solution, then your video will appear, and people can click on it and view it.

People love to view a video of a real person and you can easily build trust if you are honest and a person of integrity. People pick it up immediately and would rather listen to you and follow your advice.

A secondary benefit of this method of marketing online is that once you get people to view your videos, Google will contact you and ask if you would not allow them to add more ads to your videos.

This is called attraction marketing when people come to you rather than when you must chase after people. You will be able to earn from these ads that will show alongside your videos.

Suddenly you have two streams of passive income which is a good thing. The more streams of income that you can create, the more stable your online business becomes.


The main secret of becoming a successful online marketer is to become the authority that supply people with solutions that can give them the desired results.

Happy customers will automatically tell their friends about it, and you will get more willing buyers.

Your profits will grow, and you can then use part of it to either find more problems that you can create solutions for, or you can use paid ads to grab your ideal customer’s attention with.

Using AI, the Proper Way

You can use AI very effectively to give you ideas for your articles and suggestions to write better articles. It is ideal to help you to create suitable images to illustrate your ideas better and it can even help you to create better videos.

Use it as a tool to become better but not to replace you. Use it as a great servant but don’t let it become the boss. A machine can never replace a human with a heart and emotions.

Use your humanity and true intellect to bring your message to the right person at the right time and you will succeed in a way that you could not even imagine.

If you are a pensioner or someone interested to learn more about online marketing and how you can add to your income, then please follow this link.

Below you can read how ChatGPT helped me to write a similar article. Would you mind writing a comment and tell us if it is better than the one that I wrote, or do you resonate better with the human version?

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The ChatGPT Version

Unleashing the Power of Attraction Marketing: Your Path to Online Business Breakthrough

In a world where the promise of overnight online success is plastered across screens, it’s time to set the record straight. Building an online business is not a walk in the park, nor is it something just anyone can master without guidance. Allow me to unveil the stark difference between traditional selling and the magnetic allure of attraction marketing. If you’re ready to embark on this journey, buckle up and let’s uncover the untold secret to online triumph.

The Illusion of Easy Success

Have you ever been lured into the belief that constructing an online empire is effortless and that anyone can execute it with a simple blueprint? It’s a common marketing ploy that many online gurus perpetuate. However, let’s clear the fog: it’s not a cakewalk, and not everyone can crack the code on their own. Yet, before you’re deterred, understand that while demanding, it’s not insurmountable – especially with the help of AI.

From Sales Pitch to Solution Provider

The heart of this paradigm shift lies in the concept of attraction marketing. Unlike traditional selling where you chase potential customers to persuade them to buy, attraction marketing pulls in individuals actively seeking a solution to their pain points. Think of it as offering water to a thirsty traveller rather than chasing them down with a water bottle.

Today’s online marketplace is an auditory battlefield where countless voices compete to be heard. Amid this cacophony, the average consumer has become resistant to loud, generic marketing pitches. They seek genuine connections and value. Enter attraction marketing: a strategy that resonates with those in genuine need, compelling them to pay attention.

The Story of a Solution

Consider my own experience. Ten years ago, I was trapped in the clutches of arthritis, my life wracked with pain. The conventional medication I was prescribed offered relief but came at the cost of stomach troubles. A beacon of hope arrived via a radio message, introducing an age-old, natural remedy encapsulated in modern form. It promised gradual healing, not overnight miracles. This resonated with me, and I invested my money and time.

This, dear readers, is the essence of attraction marketing. When you pinpoint a problem that people are grappling with and offer a well-crafted solution, you earn their attention, trust, and loyalty.

The Google Path to Impact

Today’s quest for solutions usually begins with a simple Google search. To stand out here, focus on genuine value. Google’s algorithm rewards those who genuinely aid their audience. Keyword stuffing and trickery may have once worked, but Google’s AI-powered tools have evolved to sift out genuine content from manipulative ploys.

Picture yourself as a beacon of reliability in the vast sea of information, helping seekers discover the land of solutions. Craft insightful blog posts that illuminate real problems and showcase their resolutions, thereby gaining not just Google’s recognition but also the trust of your audience.

YouTube: The Visual Authority

A synergistic channel to Google, YouTube becomes your stage for showcasing solutions. In the age of authenticity, real faces resonate deeply. Share your expertise through videos, letting your genuine self-shine. This is your realm to establish trust, connect, and inspire.

With Google and YouTube working together, your content can draw seekers towards you, embodying the essence of attraction marketing. And as your following grows, don’t be surprised if Google proposes to place ads alongside your content, creating an additional stream of income.

The Power of Attraction

In essence, attraction marketing is the art of making people gravitate toward you. Instead of chasing, you’re being sought after – a powerful transformation that not only increases your earnings but also grants you stability. Picture multiple streams of income flowing into your digital kingdom.

A Farewell with AI

In this era of AI, harness its prowess as a tool, not a replacement. It can lend inspiration, enhance your content, and even refine your videos. But remember, a machine lacks the human touch – the soul and emotion that connect hearts. It can’t replace your authenticity.

The Road Ahead

Embark on this journey with the understanding that attraction marketing is the gateway to success. Become the authority, the solver of problems, the beacon of solutions. The dividends are not just financial; they extend to creating a lasting impact, expanding your reach, and enjoying the journey itself.

So, if you’re ready to turn the tables and step into the realm of attraction marketing, where people willingly come to you, then take a step forward. Your success story starts now. Discover more about the allure of attraction marketing and how it can transform your online business. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or a curious pensioner, your path to online prominence awaits.

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By Matt Maré

Matt Maré has been an engineer since 1980 and established his own computer business in 1993. He has been married to Martha for more than 40 years and they have three children. He is doing online marketing since 2007 and specialize in list building, website and membership creation and helping people with online marketing.

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