It is very handy if your customers can book their appointments online. To be able to do this, you need a website for them to visit when they want to book an appointment for your services.

In our training course we not only show you how to create your website, but we also show you an effective way to find more prospective customers.

We also teach you how to add a membership and affiliate program to your website. In the membership you can host your Loyalty Program for your regular customers. With the affiliate program you can remunerate your members if they refer their friend to join.

This will free some time for you so that you can offer an even better service. It will also save you some money in advertising. When you make more profit, you can hire more qualified people to help you.

In our Simple Web Design Course we offer you all of the above. First we help you to create your website and then to add a membership. You also learn how to effectively build a prospect list without spending a lot of money.

We will also show you how to market you online business.

Once you have created your website, you can then add a booking system. We have good news for you. We found an excellent booking system that you can use at no cost to you.

It is now time to create your website by clicking the link below to get access to all your lessons. Please start with the introduction.

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