Build Your Membership Quickly


Quick Tutorial to Build Your Membership

To have your own membership sites is to control your destiny.

There are so many things that you can do with a membership, and it is one of the best ways to get your audience engaged. Engaged members take part and see results soon that will motivate them to keep at it until they reach their goals.

The best part of having a thriving membership is that it gives you a steady monthly income. With such stability in your online business, you can budget better and invest some of your profit where it will matter the most.

What We Will Cover

  1. Getting your domain name.
  2. Obtain hosting for your website.
  3. Setting up your website.
  4. Creating your membership.
  5. Adding an affiliate program.

Why This is Important?

When you have your own membership site, people will see you as the expert of your topic. Today with AI it is extremely easy to create engaging content for your members on a regular basis.

Say you choose Time Management as your topic then you can create a free membership level where you offer your members a similar quick tutorial as introduction to time management.

You can then also create different paid levels for specific audiences like students, busy housewives, managers, executives, etc.

What is Involved?

This tutorial consists of five short steps or lessons which takes you step by step to building your own membership. We even show you how you can add an affiliate program to your membership with just a few mouse clicks.

It is best to follow the steps in the sequence that they are given. With more than 30 years of experience in website creation, I have found this process to work best for any kind of topic.

First, we will create a WordPress website because it gives you ready-made templates that you can adjust to your needs. The membership and affiliate program can be added by installing plugins at no cost to you.

The only thing that you must pay for is hosting for your website, but I have a surprise for you that makes it an easy decision.

If you follow my guidance, then you can have your membership up and running in less than an hour.

Below is your menu to the tutorial steps so let’s jump right in.

Quick Membership Creation Menu

Step 1 – Obtaining Your Domain Name

Step 2 – Hosting for Your Website

Step 3 – Setting Up Your Website

Step 4 – Creating Your Membership

Step 5 – Adding Your Affiliate Program