M&M AI Web Creation With ChatGPT


This is a new program that I am busy to create and I need you to see if it works for your topic as well. You will receive a series of prompts that you can ask ChatGPT.

You can use either the free or paid version. The idea is to get ChatGPT to create the ultimate prompt for you. You do it in several iterations until the prompt is rated 9 out of 10.

Once you are happy with the content for your different web pages, then you are shown how to quickly ad it to your website. The next step is to add limbic messaging to your pages to make it more engaging.

Now you will be ready to also generate a sales page for your main offer as well as a follow-up email series for your autoresponder. We will also work on your landing pages and social media posts.

Prompt Menu:

Lesson 1 – Creating Your Ultimate ChatGPT Prompt

Lesson 2 – Creating Website Home Page

Lesson 3 – Creating Your Other Web Pages

Lesson 4 – Adding Limbic Messaging

Lesson 5 – Creating Your Sales Page

Lesson 6 – Creating Your Landing Pages

Lesson 7 – Your Email Follow-up Series

Lesson 8 – Your Social Media Posts

Lesson 9 – Creating AI Images

Lesson 10 – Your Marketing Strategy