Lesson 1 – ChatGPT

Creating Your Prompt With ChatGPT

In this first lesson we will use ChatGPT to create a prompt to use when you want to create content for your chosen topic.

Here you can sign up for ChatGPT if you don’t have an account yet. They have a free service but you will get better results if you upgrade to the paid version. (Leave ChatGPT open in a new browser tab for use later. You can jump from the training to ChatGPT by selecting the correct browser tab at the top of your screen.)

Download your prompt templates for ChatGPT here.

Procedure to Use the First Prompt

Once you have downloaded the templates for ChatGPT, then open the PDF file and copy the first prompt and paste it into ChatGPT. (You’ll need Adobe Reader to open the PDF file. Download and install it on your computer if you don’t have it yet.)

Lesson 2 –

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