Selling Digital Products

There are many ways to sell digital products online but I’ll quickly give you four main options and then explain to you each one.

Four Main Digital Store Options

  1. Your own website with PayPal payment buttons.
  2. Shopify that is a ready-made solution.
  3. Using a membership platform.
  4. Creating a membership site with monthly subscription.

Each of these three options has its benefits and drawbacks.

Let’s now look at each option in more detail.

1 – Own Store Plus PayPal

Here you can create your own website with WordPress which is a simple and easy process. You can install plugins to create a gallery where you can display your products or you can create a separate page for each digital product.

On such a page you can explain to your prospective buyers just what they can expect from your product. You can even create an irresistible offer which cannot be compared to anything else.

You do this by adding bonusses to create a higher perceived value for your product. These bonusses should help your buyers to overcome any objections or obstacles in their way. You can also offer a full money back guarantee to remove all risk for the buyer.

You can also load a plugin to add WooCommerce to your WordPress website that will give you a shopping cart and checkout for your online store. The image below show you just some of the other options.

To learn how to create your own website with WordPress and how to add plugins for your store, you can follow this link to the menu of our Simple Web Design course.

Start with Lesson 1 – 3 and then skip to Lesson 8.

To learn how to effectively build a prospect list for your online business, you can also work through Lesson 4 – 7.

2 – Shopify

This platform was specifically developed so that you can sell any product effortlessly online. All the feature that you need are already built-in like a product gallery, shopping cart, checkout and delivery.

You can build your online store while you are still in the trial phase and then upgrade when you want to go live. At the moment they have a special deal of $1 each for the first three months when you sign up for their yearly offer of $300.

To run any online business you should first build a list of prospects to whom you can make your offers. I would suggest that you first do this before you sign up for Shopify.

In our Free M&M Membership we show how you can do it at no cost to you. Click this link to get free access now.

3 – Using a Membership Platform

There are many platforms available with which you can create your membership but they are often quite pricey with limited features.

These are options like Kajabi ($149/m) – MasterMind ($119/m)

Here is a free option but you must register a domain name first. They give you free hosting and you can create your own membership on their platform at no cost to you. Groove Digital

You are limited to just 25 pages for your website plus only 5 videos.

You can update to the Start Up Plan at $99 per month later for unlimited pages and videos. With this plan you also get access to their autoresponder service that can handle up to 500 contacts.

I can show you how to quickly set up your membership with Groove if you send a request to

4 – Creating Your Membership

To create a membership is one of the best ways to offer your products online. This will allow you to stand out in the crowd and it will eliminate any competition because your offer will be unique.

The second benefit and super advantage is that you can be paid monthly and you will know what your next month’s income can be.

This will bring immediate stability to your online business. Your list members can even help you with your marketing which will free more time for you. You will be able to spend more time to give them the experience of their lives.

This will have a domino effect; you will have estatic members that will not help but tell their friends about you, more members will mean more sales and more sales will bring more profits.

With more profits you can afford to employ more people and even specialist to help you to create an even better experience for your members. Soon you will earn more than you ever imagined. You will have enough money to afford to do all those things that you ever dreamed of.

Having a successful membership will really be the turning point for you and I can talk from experience. I made my first sale online with a simple membership that I created with a script in 2003.

In those days you still had to know how to program in HTML to create your website. Today it is so much easier and you can create a website by just pushing a single button.

The same goes for creating a membership. You just install a plugin with a single click and you have the framework of your membership ready to be fleched out.

This Bronze M&M Membership contains all the training that you need to first create your own website, build a huge prospect list of interested parties and then add your own membership.

I believe that this will be your best choice to start your online journey on a winning path. Just click this link to open the menu and then first view the Introduction.

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