How to Generate Easy Income with a Monthly Service

Most people think that you can only generate enough income if you sell high ticket products. In my experience it can even be more lucrative and profitable to sell low ticket monthly products.

It certainly is easier to sell a monthly service of $10 per month that people want, than to convince people to buy a training course for $2,500 that they think they don’t need. To get people to fork out that kind of money is not easy.

The other reason why I prefer monthly services is that it can quickly bring stability to your business. You must build a good-sized list until you earn what you need. From there you don’t have to market so hard to get new customers.

Especially if your product delivers what the customers want, your churning will be low, and you must just replace those few customers that might leave.

You will still have a buyers list and if you know what their interests are, you can also promote those other high-ticket products to them as well later.

If you don’t have such a service or membership to start with, then you can promote other people’s products as an affiliate and earn monthly commissions.

I started my online career by designing websites for my customers as a service where I also took care of the maintenance of their websites. In the early days of the internet, you had to use HTML code to create websites. As an engineer I learned programming on university and was soon able to create good websites.

Creating Membership Sites for Monthly Income

In 2007 I bought my first membership script and then was able to sign up members easily. I offered them hosting for their websites as well as an autoresponder service at a discount. This helped to keep them longer as paying members.

Today it is so much easier to create and maintain websites and memberships. You can even add an affiliate program to your membership with just a few mouse clicks. I can show you where you can also get hosting as a reseller plus a whole set of tools that you can offer to your members at a discount. From the membership subscriptions you can earn a steady monthly income soon.

I can even show you how to get traffic to your website with another click of your mouse button.

You need a Cash Cow to Get Things Rolling

Recently I discovered a secure cloud service where you can backup all your digital data like photos, videos, and important documents. You can even backup your website to this secure cloud storage.

I have been using an autoresponder service from a company called GVO (Global Virtual Opportunity) for several years now. They are also known for their Virtual Conference Service which was one of the first services of its kind.

(Disclaimer: This is my affiliate link and if you buy through this link, I’ll earn a commission.)

This is a well-established company based in Texas, USA. They have a huge datacentre and can deliver high speed services that is very reliable but also affordable. The autoresponder service cost me less than $10 per month and if I refer others that buy it, I earn a nice 75% commission each month.

The new service that they have launched in April 2023 comes with a huge benefit for their users. It automatically builds you a prospect list as well as a buyers list. On top of it, they pay you 200% commission in the first month for direct referrals.

This is one of the first services that allows you direct access to the users to whom you can then also promote your own products. Normally product owners will not give their affiliates access to the users. They will keep them to themselves.

If you invest just a few dollars per month in this ground-floor opportunity, it can get the ball rolling quickly for you and you won’t have to struggle to make your first sale. Everybody loves this service with which they can secure not only their own data, but also their whole family’s data.

They already have more than 12,000 users in more than 110 countries.

You get six accounts with 6TB of storage, and you can link unlimited devices like your desktop computer, notebooks, tablets and iPhones or android phones.

A while ago my cell phone fell in a tank, and I lost several irreplaceable photos and videos of my grandchildren. If I had linked my phone to this backup service, I won’t have lost anything and could have retrieved them from the cloud. You can even recover files that you accidentally erased.

Everyone that you know have digital devices with which they capture ever increasing amounts of data. It is a hassle to always remember to make backups and soon you discover that the services like Dropbox and Google Drive are full.

To update these services is quite expensive while you get a full 6TB of cloud storage with this service for less than $10 per month. It is an amount that most anybody can afford. Your friends will thank you when you tell them about this service.

Just ensure that you become an affiliate before you tell them so that they can subscribe through your affiliate link. This way you will earn that 200% commission and your service will be free forever.

Here is the link to take a virtual tour of the service

Not only will you earn commission on your direct referrals, but you will also receive a 25% matching cheque when they start earning commission. If you subscribe through my link above, I promise to place my referrals under you so that you can start earning as soon as possible.

Once you have signed up everybody that you know, you might ask me where you can get more subscribers. Not only can I show you ways to quickly get more subscribers, but the company gives you access to their traffic co-ops as well.

For a few dollars you can get guaranteed prospects for your business, and you can easily follow up with them through the built-in autoresponder. I’ll even give you access to all the follow-up emails with which I had successfully subscribed people.

This is a simple and easy business that anybody can run to earn a nice extra monthly income. My wife and I have two granddaughters and we have decided to start a study fund for the twins with this income. You might take your family on that long overdue luxury holiday soon.

You may also join our Free M&M Membership where you will discover how to effectively build your list.

List Building is the Key to Your Online Success

Now that you have access to this autoresponder, you can start to build a huge prospect list. People do not buy immediately what you suggest. They must first get to know you before they will listen to your suggestions. You can accomplish this by sending them daily broadcast emails in which you offer to help them setting up their backup system.

Inside the service you will find a whole series of videos that shows you exactly how the system works. To help you even more, I have created a guide in which I show you how you can use lead magnets to get more subscribers to take you up on any offer.

Here You Can Download it at No Cost

I would really appreciate it if you can contact me here and give some feedback on both guides. Any suggestions to improve it would be welcome or maybe you just need some help to build your own website.

By Matt Maré

Matt Maré has been an engineer since 1980 and established his own computer business in 1993. He has been married to Martha for more than 40 years and they have three children. He is doing online marketing since 2007 and specialize in list building, website and membership creation and helping people with online marketing.

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