Free Lesson 6

Creating Your Offers

To market online is not difficult if you follow a proven blueprint, which you get in this training. You will discover what works well and if you follow the instructions, then you will make sales.

In the previous lesson we looked at how you should nurture your list and preselling is part of what you should do. The more you can prepare your list members for the sale, the easier it will be to close the deal.

Make Your Offer Irresistible

You should begin with an offer that is affordable to most people and something that they can use immediately. I have already given you this opportunity but I think that we should look deeper into it.

If you can offer your list members a system that is valuable and if it is something with which they can also earn a quick income, then it will help to motivate them. They will see you as the person that helped them to get results and that will make them your fans.

If this opportunity is also something where they can get in at the ground floor of a trend that will grow exponentially, they will soon become your raving fans that cannot help but tell their friends about you. This will mean that your list will grow faster.

GOTBackup is such an opportunity where you can still enter as a partner in a growing business. Everything is at the early stages but it is growing fast. People from more than 50 countries have joined already in the first two months and there are more than 7,500 paid members that are using the system actively.

Watch this Webinar Replay for More Information

The product is something that everybody needs. Have you ever lost data because you forgot to make a backup? This system is unique in that it automatically backs up everything that you do on all your devices. You can link unlimited devices like desktop and notebook computers, tablets, iPhones or android smartphones.

The 6 TB cloud storage is super safe and enough for a whole family. You can have six accounts and your children can even live on campus or elsewhere on their own. You can access your data from wherever you have access to the internet. If you accidentally delete files, you can still recover them for 30 days.

If any device get stolen, then just download all your data from the cloud onto another device.

Talk About Your Product’s Benefits

Have you seen how I described the benefits of the product? This is exactly how you should do your preselling as well. Now if you can also add a bonus or two to make your offer even more valuable for the prospective buyer, they will be more inclined to buy.

You can do this in your follow-up emails that you send to your subscribers. Do not hard sell but give advice just like I do here and give hints of what is possible for your readers.

However, the one thing that will push your buyer over the last hurdle is to add urgency to your offer. If they don’t get a little nudge to act, then they might not return later.

I do not know how long this ground floor opportunity will still be available and I suggest that you get in while you still can at this low price and as a partner that will share in the profits of the company.

When they close the doors you might still become an affiliate but then you will no longer receive a first month 200% commission and you will not share in the profits of the company.

The last thing that you can do with your offer is to give a double your money back guarantee. I am so certain that you will be very happy with the service and the income potential that I am offering a double your money back guarantee.

If you are not absolutely delighted, then I will pay you back double the $9.97 X2 = $19.94 within the first30 days from my own pocket. You take no risk at all.

Can you see how this can get your prospect to take the plunge and will you?

My two bonuses are that I will upgrade you to my Bronze M&M Membership and I will give you my Special Report that you can use to market GOTBackup to your friends without having to say a word, except that you have a gift for them.

In the Bronze M&M Membership you will learn how to create your own website. You will also discover how easy it is to add your own Membership and an Affiliate Program. If you found value in my Free Membership, then you will find even more value in the upgrade. Don’t worry, you will retain access in the Free M&M Membership.

Now if you are ready then click this link to get access to this great opportunity and protect your family against data loss today.

Get Access to GOTBackup Here.

Get Your Rebranded Special Report Here.

Summary of What We Covered Today

  1. Creating your unique offers.
  2. Make your offer irresistible.
  3. Add bonuses to your offer that will help your buyer to get quick results.
  4. Add a guarantee to your offer.
  5. Make use of scarcity or urgency to get them to buy today.
  6. Become part of a growing trend today.

Your Assignment

Create an offer that you can bring to your list members. Use the ideas in today’s training to create an irresistible offer that you can mention in the passing on your thank you page. Do not hard sell it but just give some hints in your follow-up emails of the benefits of your product.

Tell your readers what it can do for them, how it can solve a problem, ease their pain or bring them joy. Show them how your product can take them from where they are to where they want to go.

You can send say 3-4 presell emails before you send them a dedicated offer. Work in your story and how you came upon your solution. Tell them about all the mistakes you made and how your product can prevent them from making the same mistakes.

The one thing that I learned over the years is that if you stick to this simple formula and send regular emails to your list, then your success will come. All you need is the self-discipline to keep doing it and over time you will see which emails works best.

Work on the subject lines of the emails that don’t get opened and write more of the ones that work well. You can use this Headline Analyzer to improve your subject lines.

You can also ask ChatGPT to help you to write a good subject line for your emails.

HubSpot shows you how many subscribers open your emails and even on which links they click as well. You can also use the autoresponder inside GOTBackup to send follow-up emails to your list of GOTBackup buyers that will automatically end up in there.

If you need more offers to bring to your people and you don’t have any products of your own yet, then you can click here to become my affiliate. You can then promote the paid levels of my membership and earn a 75% monthly commission.

When you subscribe just tree people to a paid level, then you will be upgraded and get free access to that level as well.

What is Next?

In the next lesson we look at the things that you should do when you start to make sales.

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