Marketing Assistance

Here at M&M we can help you to get more customers, make more sales and you only pay for the results you get. For instance, if we find you 5 more leads this month, you pay us $450 ($50 per lead) plus a small percentage on the sales you make from these new leads. The percentage varies according to your total income and type of business you have. It can vary from 7% to 15%.

We need to speak with you to determine what kind of marketing would suite you best. To make an appointment for a 30-minute Skype Session please fill in your details in the form below. (Or you can send me a WhatsApp message to +27 79 812 2590.)

In the message box state what type of business you have and what marketing you do at the moment.

What day of the week would suite you best and the time that you can be available. We will contact you through an email to confirm our free meeting.

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