Product Guides

A great way to improve customer satisfaction is to give them all the relevant information to make a well thought out buying decision.

There are few things that disturb a customer more than to buy the wrong product or model for their specific needs. You can help them to prevent them making this mistake with the supply of product range guides.

This will show them exactly what is available and how they can use it to the best of their ability. You can even supply them with videos as well to show how a certain service or product can be used for maximum benefit.

There are several ways in which you can implement this strategy in your business.

Option 1 – We can assist you in the design and creation of your guides or videos and we can get it printed for you.

Option 2 – We can design and create digital product guides and videos that can be loaded on a memory stick that you can give to your customer. They can also watch it in your business on a smart TV.

Option 3 – We can assist you in creating QR Codes for your product ranges that can be displayed in store. We will set it up on your website so that when the customer scans the code with their smartphone, they are taken to the relevant page on your website where they can read the info or watch a video about the product.

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