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All your questions can be answered here about online marketing. It is devided into the following catagories:

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List Building

Q – What is the best way to get more leads for any business?

A – This is normally the first question that people ask. The best way that I have found in my nearly thirty years of online marketing, is to use a lead magnet.

Q – What is a lead magnet?

A – A lead magnet is some information that your ideal customer would find useful. It can be in the form of a video, audio file or a blog post, article, guide or an Ebook.

Q – How do one create a lead magnet to get more leads?

A – You create a lead magnet by first finding out what your ideal customer struggles the most with. It can be that they do not get enough traffic. You then create content to show them how they can get more traffic to their website. In most cases this is not their main problem though. Most of the time it is their conversion rate that is too low to make enough sales. In your lead magnet you can then tell them about your next offer that can show them how to increase their conversion rate to make more sales.

Q – How do one use the lead magnet to get more leads?

A – You do some social media posts where you then send your audience to your landing page. On the landing page you offer the lead magnet to them in exchange for their contact details. When they fill in the form with their name and email address, they are added to your autoresponder. They are then your leads and you can contact them to make them more offers.

Q – Where can you post your ads to get more leads?

A – There are several free places where you can post your ads about your lead magnet offer. You can place short videos on YouTube or you can post to your Facebook account. Facebook allows you to create fan pages and groups where you can post some ads. You can also use Google paid ads, Facebook ads or Youtube ads.

Q – How can you create your lead magnets?

A – An easy way is to use a word processor like MS Word, Google docs or Open Office Word. You can type in the content or ask ChatGPT to create the content for you. You then copy it to your word processor, edit it, and then export it as a PDF file. You can also let
AI Video Suite create a video and audio file from this content.

Q – How do you deliver you lead magnet to your new subscriber?

A – You can save your files to Google Workspace for just $5.40 per month. (You get 30GB of cload storage.) You can then give your new subscriber a link to your lead magnet on the thank you page after they subscribe to your list. You can also put the link in the automatic welcome page that they will receive from your autoresponder. You can also register a domain name and create your own website where you can store your lead magnet . Again you can send a link for it to your subscriber.

Website Creation

Q – What is the easiest way to create my own website?

A – You can register a domain through Domains.com and then upload WordPress. You can choose a theme and templates to quickly create a professional website with just a few clicks of your mouse. In our Bronze M&M Membership you can see how it is done.

Q – What pages should I create for my website?

A – You should at least have a Home page, Contact page, About page, Support page and Privacy Policy. You can ask ChatGPT to help you create content for all your web pages. This will help you to find the right prompts.


Q – How can I create a membership site?

A – The easiest way is to upload a membership plugin to your WordPress site. In our Gold M&M Membership you will discover how easy it is with our step-by-step lessons. You can also make use of Groove that will allow you to create a website with a membership and affiliate program.

Q – How can a membership site be used to get a monthly income?

A – By creating a membership site, you can offer your members the information, resources and tools that they need. As part of my memberships, I offer my members hosting for their websites as well as marketing strategies and other business building tactics. This brings in a stable monthly income because they stay members for longer and you don’t need to keep on looking for new members each month.

Affiliate Program

Q – What is the use of an affiliate program?

A – With an affiliate program your members can promote your membership to their friends and can then earn a commission. This way they can help you with your marketing and leaves you more time to create more products to sell.

Q – How can one create an affiliate program?

A – The easy way is to upload an affiliate plugin to your WordPress website and membership. You can also learn how it’s done in our Gold M&M Membership.


Q – How can I learn how to market my online business so that I can make more sales?

A – The easiest thing to help with your marketing online, is to create customer guides for your products. Instead of marketing your products directly, you give away these guides that will pre-sell your products for you. In these guides you can give the prospective buyer all the information how they can benefit from using your product or service. You can also explain how they can use it properly to get the best results. You can also make some videos to show them how to use your products. This is a great way to market your products and services online. In our Diamond M&M Membership we give you many more ways, strategies and tactics to use with your marketing.

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