Special Report Rebranding

Congratulations for signing up to GOTBackup to protect your family from data theft. This is such a great service as well as an opportunity to earn a steady monthly income.

You now have everything to build a huge list of prospects and buyers. A buyers list is a valuable asset that you can even bequeath to your children after your death.

Once you have gone through the training in this membership, you will be able to teach other people how to build such a list as well, including your children. This will enable them to earn an income while they are still at school, college or university.

Rebranding Your Report

The first thing you should do now is to give me your affiliate link for GOTBackup.

Use This link to subscribe if you have not taken the leap yet: Subscribe to GOTBackup here

The reason why You need to subscribe to GOTBackup is that I want to give you a gift. It is a Special Report that you can give to your friends so that they can also join GOTbackup under you without you having to “sell” it to them.

Here you can read the Special Report but don’t give that one to your friends because it still has my affiliate link in it for GOTBackup.

Follow the procedure below to get your affiliate link and then enter it in the form given so that I can rebrand the report with your affiliate link.

Now Follow This Procedure

Click this link to log into your GOTBackup account.

Leave GOTBackup open in your browser and then click on the Special Report Rebranding tab in your browser to return here and then click the link below. You can jump between the Procedure and your GOTBackup account by clicking on each tab in your browser.

Follow this procedure to get your affiliate link now.

When you got your affiliate link, close both tabs and you will return here.

Now open Notepad from your Windows Start Button and paste your affiliate link there. (Just type N on your keyboard and Notepad will appear at the top. Click on it to open it.)

Just Right-Click inside and select Paste. Name the Notepad file Affiliate Links and save it in your documents folder for easy access later. (To save a file just click on File in the top menu inside Notepad and then select Save As. Choose where you want to save the file and give it a name, then click Save.)

Forgive me if this is general knowledge to you, but some of us are new to this and might find this information useful.

You can also pin your Notepad program to your bottom taskbar. Just right-click on the Notepad program on the bottom taskbar while the program is open and select Pin to taskbar.

Now please fill in your details in the form below. Right-Click inside the message box and click Paste to place your affiliate link there. Then click on Get Your Gift.

You will receive an email from me with your Rebranded Special Report Attached. Now that you have access to GOTBackup, you can share your files with other people.

First you should activate your GOTBackup account if you have not done so already. Here you can access the procedure to activate your account. This will automatically update your devices for you so that you can never again lose any valuable data or photos.

When you are done, you can close both your GOTBackup account and the Procedure.

You can now use this link and send it to your friends in an email. Tell them about this Special Report where they can read all about making money online and encourage them to take action.

You can now return to the other lessons in our Free M&M Membership where you will discover how you can build your list in GOTBackup by using your Special Report to help your new subscribers to get more subscribers to GOTBackup as well.

How it Will Work for You

You just send people the Special Report and they will subscribe to GOTBackup through your affiliate link. You will earn the 200% commission.

They will also get access to my Free M&M Membership and I will give them the Special Rebranded Report as well so that they can also use it to sign up more people to GOTBackup. The more people they recruit, the more you will earn as well because you will earn 25% on what they earn. The more people you have in your downline, the more you will share in the profit of the company.

As soon as three people subscribe to our Free M&M Membership, you will be upgraded to the Bronze M&M Membership. You will then learn how to create your own website that will enable you to make even more money from several residual income streams. I can’t wait to show you how it is done.

Summary of What We Covered Today

  1. Rebranding your Special Report.
  2. Get your affiliate link from GOTBackup.
  3. Complete the form to receive your rebranded report.
  4. Download your Special Report.
  5. Get a sharing link for your Special Report.
  6. Save your link in a Notepad file.

Your Assignment for Today

Now that you have your affiliate link and your rebranded Special Report it is time to also setup your list builder inside your GOTBackup account. Follow this link for the procedure of setting up your Autoresponder inside GOTBackup.

What is Next?

Next you can view an Introduction to List Building that will give you an overview of why it is so important to build your list as quickly as possible.

Now click the link below to get access to the introduction and all the other lessons.

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