Resourses and Tools

On this page you’ll find all the resources that you need to do effective online marketing. I have sorted them under different categories.

List Building – Start Here

To build your prospect list is the first thing that you should do because it will be your main asset of your online business or any business for that matter.

If you lose everything but you have your prospect list, then you can be up and running again in no time. For effective list building you need the following tools. There are free options to start with but eventually you will need professional tools and it is not always possible to transfer your list easily to them later.

Autoresponders to Build Your Lists

HubSpot is the only free option that I can suggest for you because you can always upgrade later to their Marketing Starter Pack for only $20 per month. You also get access to their CRM (customer relations manager) which is top-notch for customer service.


With this toolset you not only get access to a professional autoresponder service, you also get hosting for four websites. Included with the tools is access to a prospecting system with landing page creator, easy video producer, GVO Conference service and GVO Academy with great marketing training.

GVO Reseller Hosting and Marketing Tools

This is an excellent way to boost your membership sales and to retain your members longer. For just a few dollars per month, you can host unlimited domain names for your members.

It also come access to the same toolkit as Host-Then-Profit plus you become an immediate affiliate and can earn 75% commission on direct referrals. You can even get a 20% matching check on their monthly earnings.

AI Video Studio

To do effective list building, you must create excellent lead magnets and today most people prefer videos. With this tool you can create great information videos that people will easily give their contact details in exchange for access to your videos.

Not only can you create slideshow and graphic videos with voiceover, but you can also create stunning images with this toolset. You can also become a reseller for this toolset.

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