Lesson S1.2

Choosing Your Topic

Your Total:

What is Your Big Idea?

As an information marketer you have a huge, growing market. Thousands of people are looking for courses, workshops, coaching and consultants to mentor them and to help them achieve their goals.

It is much easier to get someone to show you what to do to get results when they have already done it before. They know what the pitfalls are and can show you how to avoid making costly mistakes.

This is where your knowledge comes into play. You have experiences that you can share with others, skills that you can teach them or interesting hobbies that you can share with them.

Yesterday we asked you to think of your big idea and how you can help others to solve a problem, find a solution, to relieve their pain or lead them to happiness, success, and their dream outcome.

It will take you just some time and effort to create your program. We use the term “program” which can mean either a course, workshop, challenge, summit, video training, group coaching or consulting.

Once you have created your program, you can then sell it over and over and the entire process can be automated. This is a very lucrative business and with this course we will take you step-by-step until you make your first sale.

Now that you have decided what your program will be about, it is time to investigate to see if there is demand for it. It is easy to do some research and you can use Google to search for your idea to see if there are other offers available online.

If you cannot find any groups around your topic, then it is time to rethink your idea. I am certain that you have more than one idea of what you can offer. If your idea falls into one of the main categories of Health, Wealth, and Relationships, then you can be certain that there will be a demand for it.

Do not be surprised if you see hundreds of other similar offers. It is a particularly good indication that there is a big demand. Don’t be afraid of competition because we will show you how unique you are and that you have no competition if you use your marketing correctly.

You don’t market your program. You market yourself first and there is only one of you in the entire world. You have no competition.

You Are Absolutely Unique

Only you can offer advice in your unique way, language, and style. People like others that are the same in what they think, say, and believe.

The people that follow me might not resonate with you and those that like you would find me boring. I am a serious person while you might be more outgoing and love to make cheerful videos while I let robots do the talking for me.

Everyone is different and that is why you will not have real competition if you present yourself in your unique way that only you know how.

You will be surprised to see how many people will be eager to follow you once they get to know you. The trick is to let them know from the word go what your values are, what you like or dislike, what you are against and what you stand for. If you talk their language, then they will follow your advice eagerly.

Remember they do not want to be taught but you should tell them how you solved the problem, found a solution or how you learned a new skill. How you can show them to get comparable results.

Nobody else can do it exactly like you can!

Your Assignment for Today

Now that you know what your program will be about, it is time to do some research. Google your idea and see what comes up. If you find other similar programs, then follow their links to see what exactly they offer and how they describe it. Jot down the prices so that you can later price your program accordingly.

This might sound strange to you, but you must always price your program higher than the rest. You can always add more value to your offer if you find resistance to your price.

The perceived value of your offer is related to your price. The higher your price, the higher value your prospect will see in it. If you can show them exactly how your program can help them to reach their dream outcome, then they will be willing to pay any price to reach their goal sooner and with less effort.

We will show you how you can add bonusses to your program to make it more attractive for your prospective buyers.

If your bonuses will help to overcome their objection or help to remove obstacles for them, then you have a winner.

If you find online groups, then join them and look for people asking for help. Look what problems they have. The more information you can gather, the more ammo you will have when you launch your program.

Another place to find groups is on Facebook. Just search for groups there and join them. By commenting on people’s posts, you can start a conversation with them from which you can learn a lot.

Ask questions about their problems and frustrations and freely give advice. If they are interested, you can even tell them about the program you are developing. Soon they can become your first customers.

What is Next?

Today we have covered some ways in which you can do some research to see if there is demand for what you are planning. Gathering this information will be unbelievably valuable when you are creating your own program.

If you plan to succeed it will really help and failing to plan is like planning to fail.

In the next lesson we will find out who will benefit most from your program. We will also find out what your audience statement will be.

You are certainly on a roll and I must congratulate you on gaining another star.

Lesson S1.3 – Your Ideal Customer

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