Lesson S1.3

Your Ideal Customer

Your Total:

Who will benefit most from your program?

The people who will benefit most from my course are pensioners who would want to make some money so that they can enjoy their life more.

They are also the people with the most life experiences that they can share with others. They also learned many skills that they can teach to others, and they normally have money to pay for courses like mine.

Now it is your turn to find out what your ideal customer looks like.

You can ask the following questions:

  • Does your course idea solve a specific problem?
  • What is the benefit your student will get from your course?
  • Is your course idea focused on helping a specific type of person?

The reason you need to know exactly who your course will target is because you need the answer to easily find your ideal customers.

You need to have an Audience Statement that will grab their attention.

My Audience Statement:

“People who want to create a profitable online course that gives their students the results they desire, and they do not want to spend weeks to create it”.

I can replace the word “people” with “Pensioners” which will make it even more specific. The more you can pinpoint your DOT, the easier it will be to sell your program. We do not want to target everybody because then you will not stand out in the crowd.


Somebody might want to create a course to help people with their time management. Such a general course might sell for $19.

If you now target business owners and create a course specifically for them, you will be able to sell it for $197.

Now you target CEOs of big companies, and your course will be worth $1997 to them.

It can be the same course but would be worth much more to people that value their time more.

When you design your program, you must always keep in mind what the path is that you want your student to take so that they can get results as soon as possible. That is why short courses that give them actionable steps work best.

Today the most difficult part is to keep people’s attention because they have so many distractions. If your course is boring in any way, you will lose their attention and you will get people asking for a refund.

That is why I try to keep each lesson short and to the point. Do not try to touch on too many points or ideas but focus on a single idea in each of your lessons or three at the most.

Assignment for Today

Today we have focused on who your ideal customer would be. Will you be able to describe them exactly and would it be easy to find them?

Use the questions that were given above to determine who would benefit the most from your course. Try to write your own Audience Statement. It is what you will use in the headline of your Opt-in Page. It will be the thing that will catch their attention.

We also call it your “hook” and it is especially important that your ideal prospect will find it intriguing and would want to know more.

It is just as important to know exactly what the benefit for them would be that they would want as well as the dream outcome that they might expect.

Some people even go as far as to give their ideal customer a name to describe them more accurately. Like Alex, aged 67, pensioner looking for additional income.

I do not want to keep you any longer – find your DOT!

What is Next?

In the next session we will focus on the results that your customers can expect to achieve and the steps they need to take to reach the dream outcome they desire. You will discover that your product is not what will determine the demand, but what your customers want. Serve them with what they want and give them what they need.

Another star for you! I’m proud of you.

Lesson S1.4 – Your Customer’s Dream Outcome

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