Lesson S2.1

Introduction to Your Course

Your Total:

This is where you make or break your course. You must immediately grab your student’s attention and then hold it long enough so that they get to do their assignment.

The way in which you do this is by showing them the path to success and how they will be able to get their desired results. The sooner you can lead your student to see early results, the more determined they will become to stick with you to achieve their dream outcome.

Let them use their imagination of how it would feel when they get their dream outcome. Have you thought what it would mean to you when you are able to launch your program and make sales?

Overview of Your Course

Give them a quick overview of how the course will guide them to achieve that for which they have signed up. You should always end your lesson with a daily assignment, and you should stress the fact that they will only see results if they act on your suggestions.

Tell them a bit of your story. Not your life story but only the part that relates to the problem that you were able to solve and how it can help them.

You can also invite them to contact you if something is not clear to them or if they have any questions.

If you can talk about any objections they might have and how they can overcome them, then it will help to build a relationship of trust with them.

Remember that you should always tell them what problems you had and how you were able to overcome them. Do not tell them what to do but just show them all the mistakes that you made so that they do not fall into the same traps. This will save them time, money and effort and they will thank you for your advice.

Most people make the mistake of trying to give all that they have and more, but it is much better to keep it short and to the point. Show them what actions you took and what results you got.

Go back to my introduction and use it as a reference. I do not say that I know it all, but this is what I found what works best. People are busy, and they can easily get distracted and then lose interest if you do not keep them interested.

So, keep it short.

Explain clearly what problem your course will solve for them and what the dream outcome can be for them.

Ask them to tell you when they reach each milestone so that you can celebrate their win with them.

It is always a good thing to either send them a message or email every three days to hear how it is going and to encourage them to keep going.

If you can make taking your course an exciting experience for your students, then they will stick with your course till the end and then ask for more. That is why it is always a clever idea to break your courses into a series of courses instead of trying to deliver everything into just one big course.

What we have covered in the introduction:

  1. The main problem your course solves for them
  2. The path that they need to follow for results
  3. Making clear what the dream outcome will be
  4. Tell your story
  5. Keeping it short
  6. How can you create an exciting experience?
  7. End with an assignment

Today’s Assignment

Today you need to write your introduction for your course keeping in mind exactly who your course is for. Who would benefit most from it and what will be their dream outcome? Talk their language and be vulnerable and willing to share your failures and mistakes so that your audience can relate to you.

Always share your values, what you are for and what you are against.

I can be very direct and if it offends you then I apologize in advance. My people skills are not good, and it is something on which I am always working.

It is probably because I got my success from years of working hard and I saw too many people trying to get something for nothing. I admire people who are dedicated to what they do and hate slackers who think that they can get through life by doing the absolute minimum.

The fact that you have subscribed to this course shows me that you want to help others by sharing what you have learned, and I know that you will make an enormous success of it. Just keep at it and soon you will have a course that can help thousands to achieve the same success that you were able to achieve.

Next, we will look at how you structure the rest of your course lessons.

Lesson S2.2 – Creating Other Lessons

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