Lesson S2.3

Creating Your Final Lesson

Your Total:

Each lesson will begin with what we will discuss in that lesson and how it ties in with what we have discussed in the previous lesson.

It is like a brief introduction for the lesson.

In the previous lessons we looked at the introduction to your course and how to create your other lessons.

The second part of the lesson is the one or two ideas that we will go into more detail for this lesson. Explain how this idea will take you further on your journey to get results and how to reach your goal.

Since this will be your last lesson you must summarize your course of how you have solved your students’ problems for them. In our case you will have created your full course and will be able to market it.

You then give your student their final assignment for the last lesson and then quickly recap what has been covered in the course.

Always remember to tell them that they can contact you if they have any questions. Students that engage with you are the ones that will make a huge success of what you teach them.

It gives you the opportunity to get to know them better and for them to share in your knowledge.

Since this is the last lesson of your course it does not mean that this is the end of the journey for your student. Sometimes it is just the beginning and next you can offer them a more advanced course or even some group coaching.

From the questions that you receive from your students you might be able to determine what their next need will be. You can also offer them a workshop where you can discuss their results and answer more questions for them as a bonus to the training course.

Another next step for them can be a mastermind group that meet each month. It can be a virtual meeting with Zoom.

It can be a continuous program that can mean a steady income for you with truly little input from your side. It will allow them to discuss what other problems they might have, and in the group, there can be other people with viable solutions.

Group discussions can even give you more ideas for further courses as well.

Your Assignment for Today

Create a quick outline for your final lesson which can consist of the following:

  • Recap what was covered in the previous lessons
  • What will be discussed in this final lesson?
  • Go into details
  • Final Assignment
  • Discuss which milestones have been reached
  • Look at the results achieved
  • Give a list of everything that was covered in the course
  • What is next? Any bonuses that you can offer? Gifts?
  • Certificate of course completion

Complete your final lesson and type it out.

Have You Answered These Questions?

  1. Have you clearly defined their outcome?
  2. Why is this course important?
  3. What is involved to see results?
  4. How should they use your course?
  5. What can happen?

What is Next

In the next lesson we will discuss the creation of videos for your online course.

I’m really proud of your for reaching this milestone. You have done a great job! Now comes the fun part – most of the work has been done.

Creating videos for your course is child splay and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised how it is done.

Lesson S2.4 – Creating Your Videos

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