Lesson S2.4

Creating Your Videos

Your Total:

It is a known fact that most people only remember 20% of what they read and 30% of what they hear. They remember 40% of what they see.

That is why most people prefer to watch videos with captions because you can see, hear, and read what is seen on the screen.

It is best if you can include videos of your lessons in your course. It is not necessary to show your face when you make your videos, but it can help to build a relationship of trust with your audience.

Today there are many programs available that you can use to create excellent videos, and some are even free to use. Vimeo Record is a free extension for your Chrome browser that you can use to record either a screen capture on your laptop computer or a full screen video of yourself or both. It is easy to use and download your videos as MP4 files.

The videos in this course were created with Vimeo Chrome Extension. Just click this link to download Vimeo Chrome Extension. (It is also available for Edge and Firefox browsers.)

You can create PowerPoint screens and then use the screen capture to create a video, or you can just use your laptop camera to record a video. Once it is done you can download your video as an MP4 file.

You can also use the Awesome Screen Recorder to create your videos at no cost. The extension is available for Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Edge. The one thing that is different with this extension is that you can draw with the annotation tools in your video.

It is handy when you want to explain something in more detail in your video.

Tips for Video Creation

If this is your first-time creating videos, then it would be advisable to write out a script before you record your video. Practice reading from your script until it does not sound like reading. You can first create just screen capture videos until you have more practice before you make full face videos.

Keep your videos short and to the point because people do not have time to sit through long videos and they will lose interest. Always end your video with a call to action which will help your students to get results sooner than later.

There is however a much easier and faster way to create amazing videos for your program. You can use the AI Video Suite to build videos quickly and it will do the voiceover for you. No need to write a script.

You ask ChatGPT to review each lesson and then to give you the input for your slides. You then feed this information into your AI Video Suite and it creates a professional looking video with background music and even images in less than a minute.

If you are quick, you can still grab it for an incredibly low, single payment of just $37 here.

Assignment for Today

First you must download a video recording extension for your browser and then you will be able to create your videos. Or you can make use of AI Video Suite.

They give you clear video instructions inside the program that shows you exactly how to create your videos.

Once you are satisfied with your video then download it to your computer and save it in an appropriate file in your documents directory as shown in the previous lesson.

When you have created all your lessons and videos, you will be able to upload it to your course platform.

In the next module we will show you how to select a platform and how to upload your course and then market it.

You are now done creating your program and all you need to do next is to upload it and you will be ready to launch it. In the last section you’ll discover easy ways to market your program.

I hope that you are still stacking your stars. Soon you’ll be able to use it to gain access to some cool bonuses.

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