To offer your services you need a website but it is even easier to offer services if you have a membership site.

In our Simple Web Design Course we offer you all of the above. First we help you to create your website and then to add a membership. You also learn how to effectively build a prospect list without spending a lot of money.

We will also show you how to market you online business.

Offer a Subscription

As a service provider it would be to your advantage, and your customers will also benefit, if you can offer them a subscription service. Even hairdressers and car washes now offer subscription services at a discount.

You can afford to offer a discount if your customers come back on a regular basis. It will also bring more stability to your business because you will know how much you can earn the next month and then you can budget better.

In the long term you can build a loyal support group that can even help you with your marketing. In our course you will discover how you can add an affiliate program to your membership.

You can then offer your customers an incentive to tell their friends about your great service. They will not think twice if they can earn a commission in the process or if they can get a free service.

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