This facility has been created with the sole purpose to make it easy for you to sell physical products online.

It comes with a built-in shopping cart and checkout point as well as a point-of-sale system that you can also use in your offline store as well as your online store. It integrates them seamlessly.

It certainly is the best option to quickly get up and running. Click this link to get a free trial plus your first three months at $1 per month if you pay a yearly fee of $300.

If this is a bit steep for you as a beginner, then I have good news for you. There is a simple but effective way for you to start selling online.

Simple Web Design

This is exactly what you will learn in this course. We will show you how you can create a website with all the necessary features to display your products and then sell them directly to the public.

You will see how you can use PayPal or Stripe to receive the money for you and you can then transfer it directly into your own bank account.

The customers can place their orders and pay for it. You can then send it with your courier service to the customer.

First you need to choose a name for your business. (Lesson 1.)

If you already have a business name that you want to use, then you need to see if it is still available so that you can register it as your Domain Name. This is like registering your business with the authorities. (Lesson 2.)

Lastly you need to get hosting for your website so that your webstore can be visible online. It is just like paying rent for your physical store, but this is for your online store. (Lesson 3.)

Lesson 1 – Choosing Your Business Name

Lesson 2 – Register Your Domain Name

Lesson 3 – Getting Hosting for Your Website

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