Silver M&M Membership

Simple Course Creator

Welcome to the silver membership where you can create your own courses or training programs.

In the Silver M&M Membership you will discover how you can easily create your own online training course in less than a week.

As a member in this silver membership, you get the following stars as you progress through the course. With these stars you can unlock other, more advanced levels of training. The more you engage, the more stars you’ll earn.

In the table below you can see how you can earn stars.

Instance Amount Limit
Points for becoming a member Stars 10 -
Points for site visit Stars 1 -
Points for viewing a post Stars 1 No limit
Points for viewing a page Stars 1 No limit
Points for logging in Stars 1 Maximum 1 times per day
Points for clicking on link to: %url% Stars 1 -
Points for referring a visitor Stars 1 Maximum 1 times per day
Points for referring a new member Stars 10 Maximum 1 times per day
Points for viewing video Stars 1 -
Points for Approved Comment Stars 1 Maximum 10 times per post

Your Total:

What We Cover in this Training

Module 1 – Introduction

1. Introduction to Course Creation – Outline.

2. Choosing Your Topic.

3. Your Ideal Customer.

4. Your Customer’s Dream Outcome.

Module 2 – Creating Your Course

1. Creating Your Course Introduction.

2. Creating Your Lessons.

3. Your Final Lesson – Conclusion.

4. Creating Your Videos.

Module 3 – Choosing Your Platform

1. Choosing Your Platform.

2. Uploading Your Course.

3. Setting Up Payment Buttons.

4. Marketing Your Course.

How to Use the Training Course

The lessons are chosen so that you can see early results. Please take the lessons in the order that they are given because they build on each other.

Here is a surprise gift for you that can help you with your creativity. It is an Ebook with the title Unleash Your Creativity. You can download it and also give it to your students as a welcome gift to your training course.

You can access all the lessons through the Silver M&M Menu. Your Total: