Step 1

Your Lead Magnet

The reason why I start with your lead magnet is because you need something to give people that are interested in your offer to get them to give you their contact details.

If your offer is a course to show them how they can build their own training courses, then you can offer them a quick tutorial like this one. It should be quick and easy to create and it should be something that they would see as valuable.

Your Headline

The secret to get your best prospective customers to subscribe to your list lies in the headline of your lead magnet. You should be as specific as possible so that people who want to learn how to create courses will take notice immediately and click on your ad to learn more.

In this example you can create a short eBook of no more than 6 pages, a checklist or a quick tutorial if you have your own website.

If you don’t yet have a website, then you can offer them a quick 7-day email tutorial that can be automatically sent out by your autoresponder.

This is a wonderful way to train your new subscribers to open your emails, read the content and then click the links inside. It is no use to have subscribers that don’t open your emails and read it or are too afraid to click on the links that you suggest.

Learn How to Build Your Training Course in Less Than a Week

This can be a headline that will catch the eye of people who are in a hurry to learn how to create courses. I have used three things in this heading to grab attention.

a). Most people are looking to learn “how to” do things.

b). Specify what it will do for them – Build a training course.

c). Immediate gratification is high on people’s agendas. Less than a week.

The main trick is to find an image that goes with your headline just like I have chosen the image for this quick list building tutorial. A picture is worth more than a thousand words.

You need not be a graphic designer to create such an image and can use Canva to get it quickly. They have hundreds of templates that you can adjust to suit your needs and you can use it for free.

Today with AI you can even ask Bing to create an image for you, again no charge.

Use this image consistently so that your subscriber will see that they are still on track to receive what they have shown interest in. You use it in your ad, show it on the landing page and use it as a header in your lead magnet.

With you can easily change the size of your image to fit your ad, landing page and lead magnet cover. If you are going to create an email tutorial, you can even use it there as well.

It is also an especially useful tool to create screen capture images of proof that you wish to add to your lead magnet. Proof of how you do things will help to convince your readers of the value of what you teach.

Adding Your Content

A straightforward way to create content for your lead magnet is to use Google Docs or Open Office. Naturally if you have access to MS Word, you can use it as well. The first two options are completely free to use.

With Google Sites you can even create webpages that you can share with your subscribers if you don’t have your own website yet. It is free to use if you have a Gmail account which is also free to use.

Just type your content into any of these word processors and save it to a specific folder under Documents. For example, you can name this folder “Lead Magnet Course Creator”. It will keep all your files together and easy to find on your computer.

When done, you can either export your eBook as a PDF file or copy each file to your website or into an email.

In later steps you’ll learn how you can use a free marketing platform to host your tutorials and create web pages.

Your Introduction

Start with an introduction for your lead magnet. Clearly define the outcome for the subscriber. How will it solve their problem? What will be the dream outcome for them?

Why is this important and how can it save them time, money, or effort? How should they use the material, tutorial, or checklist?

What can happen if they follow your guidance?

The Steps, Lessons, or Emails

First create an outline of your content and brainstorm the steps that are needed. What would be the best course of action to bring them the desired results?

Now order these steps in the correct sequence.

Create each step in a separate document. Name them correctly with a description of what it entails and why it is important.

Start with what it will be about and then give them not more than five instructions, each with a clear heading.

To end summarize what was covered and tell them what comes next.

You can use this lesson as an example of how to do it so that it is short, to the point and interesting. People hate it if you ramble on.

Your Conclusion

Conclude with a summary of what was covered and if you have a specific next offer, you can shortly explain how they can learn more about the topic by looking at it.

Don’t forget to thank your reader for their time and offer to answer any questions they may have. You may also ask them to tell their friends about you if they have found value in your gift. This will help you to build your list even faster.

For the best results, try to make your lead magnet as valuable as possible. Let slip even your best tips because once they have seen how valuable your free stuff is, they will not hesitate to pay for the real thing.

Summary of What We Covered

  1. How to create your lead magnet and why.
  2. The importance of your headline and image.
  3. Creating your content with a word processor.
  4. Your Introduction and what it should say.
  5. Building out the steps and their format.
  6. Your conclusion and mention of your main offer.

What is Next?

In the next lesson we will look at how you can create an advert that will catch the attention of your ideal customer.

I created a more detailed blueprint to create your lead magnet. You can download it by clicking the link below. (You will need Adobe Reader to open the file.)

Ultimate Lead Magnet Blueprint

When you are done, continue with the next step.

Step 2 – Creating Your Ad

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