Step 1

Your Clear Course Vision

You should have a clear vision of the topic you want for your course. First determine exactly what people want before you start to create your course.

What does your ideal customer look like and what do they want? What problems do they have that your course can solve for them?

Take some time and do some research so that you will have a clear picture in your mind what your course should look like. The better you can define the purpose of your course, the more specific will you be able to market it.

Never create a general course but target a specific group of people like young mothers, the busy housewife, the not so young, pensioners, executives, etc. It will be much easier to market your course.

If you target people with money like homeowners, you’ll be able to create higher priced products.

Always start with the end result in mind. What dream outcome can your student expect when they work through your course? What quick results can you help them to get which will motivate them to complete the course.

How can you make your course interesting for your students? Remember that it is not all about the knowledge that they will gain, but it is more about which results they can expect.

The magic key to your success is to find out what your customer want, then give it to them straight, short, step by step and simple.

Research is Key

You can use Google’s Keyword Tool if you have a Google account like Gmail or you can quickly create a new account completely free.

Just type in some keyword about your intended topic and see what other keywords are shown. Always try to find buyer keywords like “buy course for…, how to …”.

Once you find a good keyword then plug it into Google and see what your competition are doing. You want to see lots of them because then you know that they are making money in that niche.

Look if any sector of people are neglected that you can serve.

The next step is to see how many searches per month is done for each keyword. If you find a high volume search term then see how you can use it for your course. This will ensure that there is a high demand for your course.

The second resource is to search for forums or groups of people around your topic. Join a few of these and look to see what questions people ask and what problems do they have. Build your course around solutions for those problems.

Getting Material for Your Course

A good resource is the bestseller books on Amazon. Most of these allow you to peek inside. Even the index of a good book about your topic can supply you with many ideas.

YouTube videos is also a great resource where you can find ready-made solutions for problems. Don’t think that free content is not valuable and that your prospective customers also have access to it.

The thing is that people don’t want to or just don’t have the time to search for solutions to their problems. They are prepared to pay you for doing the research. They just want the few steps neatly mapped out for them.

Your job is to give it to them as a blueprint that they can follow. So never just call your product a training course, but name it the Ultimate … Process or System.

Write down anything you can find on our topic within two hours.

Put a time limit to everything you do or you will never complete your course. Don’t look for perfection – look for results.

Summary of What We Covered

  1. Your clear course vision.
  2. Doing your research.
  3. Finding good content – solutions.
  4. Listing your findings.

What is Next?

In the next lesson we will look how you can organize your content and create an outline for your course.

Step 2 – Creating Your Course Outline.

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