Step 1

Getting Your Domain Name

Getting your domain name is like registering your online business with the authorities.

This is a very important step in establishing your membership because it will be the name of your website as well. It should be something that when people see it, they can know what it is about immediately.

If we take the previous example, then your membership name can be something like Ultimate Time Management Membership. To look if the domain name is still available for your membership, you can go to

Just type in your name and you’ll see if it is still available. You can buy your domain name from for $11.99, but if you use my suggestion for your hosting, then you can register it for free.

Try to get a short domain name so that it would be easy to remember for your members. Play around with different options until you find something that will work well with your chosen topic.

Ask ChatGPT to assist you with selecting a compelling domain name. Just ask it to suggest domain names for your chosen topic. The more specific it can be, the easier it will be to find your ideal customers online.

It is important to find the right name because it will become your brand later. You can also look at abbreviations to shorten the name.

Something like for Your Time Management Membership.

Once you are satisfied with your choice and you have made certain that it is available, you can move to the next step.

Step 2 – Obtain Hosting for Your Website

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