Step 2

Creating Your Ad

To build a list, you need to get people to see what you have to offer them. In the previous lesson we looked at how you can create a gift that you can offer them in exchange for their email.

The best place to easily find these people you want to see what you have to offer is on Facebook. They have millions of subscribers with millions of interests. Facebook allow you to create a free group where you can invite people to join in the fun.

You can quickly create such a group where you bring people together that has the same interest than your chosen topic. If it is to learn to create a training course then you give your group a name like Course Creators Boot Camp.

The nice thing about Facebook is that they will even suggest your group to people with similar interests at no cost to you. All you have to do is invite the first few people and get them interacting in your group.

When Facebook see that people love your group by commenting, they will send more people to your group. They love people that interact.

Just make regular posts to your group where you ask them what their biggest problems are. They will tell you exactly what you should create for them and then you can bring it to them in weekly quick tutorials.

You can pin a post and then it will be the first thing that your members see when they join your group. You can use this post as your ad to take them to your landing page.

Choosing Your Headline

Again, your headline is the most important part of getting the attention of your prospective customer. You can use the same headline of your lead magnet here.

This headline should clearly show what your offer is about and what it can do for your prospect. It should be exactly what they need now, and you will get the click.

If you use the same image of your lead magnet, it will not confuse your visitor and they will see that what you offer in your ad is what they will get if they give you their name and email on the landing page.

Do not write too much in your ad. The bold heading and a subheading with a few bullets should be enough to get them to click through. Never say click here in your ad because Facebook does not like it that you manipulate people.

Just give a Learn More button below. If you have a website, you can also just type it in your post, and it will become a clickable link.

You may also use WhatsApp if you want your visitor to message you directly to your phone when they have questions. It is an exceptionally good way to build a relationship with your group members.

They allow you to add your landing page URL to the Learn More button. In the next lesson we will show you how to get that link.

Boosting Your Post

If you have no following on Facebook that you can invite to join your group, then you can just tell your friends about it and send them a WhatsApp message with the link or email it to them.

If they are not interested, then ask them if they would pass the link on to some of their other friends who might be interested. Any good friend would love to help you in this way.

You can also boost your post in Facebook for a few dollars a day if you have some funds available. Five or ten dollars can do the trick to get the ball rolling in your direction.

Summary of What We Covered

  1. Creating your ad to get people to your landing page.
  2. Choosing your headline and sub headline.
  3. Using WhatsApp to communicate with your members.
  4. Boosting your ad or post in your Facebook group.

What is Next?

The next step is to create your landing page where you can get your prospect’s contact details. You will discover how you can get access to a free resource to start building your subscriber list.

You’ll even get access to a CRM as well. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Manager. Even big companies like that of Alex Hormozi uses this exact same resource but you can use it for free!

Step 3 – Building Your Landing Page

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