Step 2

Create Your Course Outline

Now that you have a better idea of what your course will do for your ideal customer, it is time to create an outline of your course.

What are the core principles that you want to teach your students about your chosen topic?

Your Introduction

Let’s take this tutorial as an example:

It started with an introduction to the tutorial which shows you what will be covered in the tutorial. The steps are given that will take you from where you are to where you want to be.

Questions to Answer

  1. What will be their dream outcome?
  2. Why is this important for them?
  3. What is involved?
  4. How to use it?
  5. What can happen?

The sequence of your steps will be covered in the next lesson. Now you should just list everything that is important for your students to know.

The whole idea is to just give them enough information so that they can solve their problem without overwhelming them with unnecessary information. People want a quick solution.

Spell out clearly what your main concept for your course is and how it will help your students to get early results. Try to create a headline that will grab the right people’s attention immediately.

How can you give them an early win that will motivate them to keep going?

Your Conclusion

At the end of your course you want to give them a summary of what was covered in the course. As them if there was anything else that they would have liked you to cover in the course. Also mention that you are always there to answer their questions.

Their answers will help you to always improve your course and it will even give you ideas for your next product or service. Also ask them if they experienced any obstacles in their way while working through the course. You can then try and eliminate it for your students in the future.

The better you can serve your audience the more of them will return and ask for more. Always ask your satisfied customers to tell their friends about you. This will bring you more customers without having to spend a lot on advertising.

You can offer a small discount on the next course as an incentive to send you more referrals.

In my next quick tutorial, I’ll show you how you can easily add an affiliate program to your membership. This will allow your list members to help you actively promote your products by earning a commission on the sales.

What Comes Next?

Think of what you will offer your students after they have completed your course successfully. It can be your next product or service or it can be somebody else’s product of which you are an affiliate.

Step 3 – Organize Your Course Lessons

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