Step 2

Getting Hosting for Your Website

To build a successful online business, you need some tools like a landing page creator and an autoresponder to build your prospect list.

There is a company that specializes in these tools and gives you hosting for as many websites as you like at an incredible low price.

You might just want hosting for one website but bear with me for a moment please.

Pro Tip: The biggest problem that many people have with their membership is the rate of people that leave their memberships after just a few months. If you can offer your members hosting at a discounted price for their websites, then they will stay much longer.

You can easily get a retention rate of 80% plus with such an offer. They will not easily leave your membership if they know that they will lose their hosting and that it will be impossible to get hosting at such a low cost again.

You can get a hosting resellers account at GVO (Global Virtual Opportunities) at a little more than what hosting would cost you alone.

Hosting with unlimited disk space and bandwidth for a single domain with cPanel access will cost you $7.16 per month. ($17.99 – excluding taxes, with a domain name included.)

Their Gold package gives you not only hosting for unlimited domains, but you also get access to the following toolset:

  1. Free Autoresponder for 500 subscribers.
  2. Five Autoresponder campaigns with unlimited follow-ups. (2,500 emails per month.)
  3. Free Conference Software with 10 seats (upgradeable).
  4. Free Easy Video Producer with storage for 5 videos (upgradeable).
  5. Free Prospecting system with landing page builder.

This deal will enable you to offer your 500 members low cost or even free hosting at only $24.95 per month. You will also be able to build five subscriber lists. It is always better to segregate your lists with people of similar interests in separate lists.

This is exactly what I am doing with these tutorials. I offer people a choice of tutorials between list building, course creation and membership creation. Depending on the choice they make, I can then add them to the correct list.

This way I can serve them better because I know what their main interest is. I can then offer them advanced courses for their chosen topic, and you will be able to do the same with GVO.

You get access to a Web Host Manager with:

  1. Unlimited Domain Names
  2. Unlimited Disk Space
  3. Unlimited Bandwidth

Even if you already have hosting then you can still transfer all your websites, databases, scripts, and files to GVO free of charge.

Your Second Option

This is another option from the same company, and it is called HostThenProfit and the name says it all.

Here you get hosting for 4 domain names plus access to the same tools as above plus free access to the GVO Acadamy where you can learn all about online marketing.

Their normal price is $19.97 per month but at the moment they have a unique offer where you get 6 months free at just $119.82 per year. It works out at less than $10 per month if you pay yearly.

They have a series of instruction videos that will show you how it is done, but if you need more help to set it up, feel free to contact me at

What is Next?

Now that you registered your domain name and you obtained hosting for your website, you can create your websites with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Step 3 – Creating Your Website

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