Step 3

Creating Your Landing Page

The landing page is an essential part of list building. This is the place where your visitor can learn more about the gift that they can get in exchange for their contact details.

In the first step of this quick tutorial, we showed you how you can create this gift. In the second step we showed you how to create an ad or post to grab your ideal customer’s attention and bring them to your landing page.

Now I’ll show you the resource that you can use to create your landing page with. This free service is called Systeme and you can build a list of 2,000 members absolutely free. You can send these members unlimited follow-up emails each month.

Follow this link to subscribe to Systeme

Then follow their instructions to setup your account with them. If you need any help, then feel free to contact me and it would be my pleasure to help you.

Setting Up Your Landing Page

Systeme makes it very easy to create a landing page. You can choose from different templates to use. Inside Systeme you just click on Help in the top menu and you can access their instruction videos that explain everything clearly.

The essential data that you need is your visitor’s email address. It will also be a good thing if you can get them to give you their full name and telephone number.

These last two are not essential at the moment and you can always get it later from them when they are ready to buy something from you.

To begin with it is ok if you can just get their first name and email. It is always better if you can send them personalized follow-up emails with their first name. The less you ask from them, the less objection they will have to join your list.

Lately I have found that you can ask for their telephone number but just make it optional. If they see great value in your gift, then they will not hesitate to give you all the information you ask for.

I have created some Visual Instructions for you to set up your landing page in Systeme.

What We Covered So Far

  1. Creating your landing page in Systeme.
  2. View to see that your page looks right.
  3. Edit landing page if necessary.
  4. Saving your landing page link for later use.

What is Next?

Now that you have a landing page, it is time to create your follow-up emails for your autoresponder. These will be sent automatically to your new subscribers to your list.

Step 4 – Creating Follow-up Emails

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