Step 4

Creating Follow-up Emails

In one of the previous lessons you have created your welcome email. This is a very important email that can make or break your list building.

In this first email you should welcome your new subscriber and introduce yourself. Tell your subscribers how they will benefit from being your list member. Offer to answer any questions they might have.

Also remember to put a download link for the gift you promised them, in your welcome email. You can also give this link on the thank you page they are sent to once they subscribe.

An effective way to get them engaged is to ask them questions like why they were interested in your gift. Ask them what they expect that it can do for them. Their answers will help you to improve your main offer.

Be especially aware of any objections that they make or obstacles that they might experience. If you can eliminate these things for them in your main offer, then you will have a winning product.

You should also show them how to get access to their gift. Inside Systeme you can also create web pages under Products > Courses in the top menu.

You can load your quick tutorial on these pages and give them the link to these pages in your welcome email.

If you want to send them an email tutorial, then you can copy the steps or lessons in the follow-up emails. You can send them the emails daily or weekly depending on how much time they need to complete each step.

Do not try to sell them anything in the first few emails. You can mention that you are working on your new product to wet their appetite though.

Get them to know you first and first send them useful content or directions to resources that might be useful to them. After a week or so, you can start to mention some of your own products related to the topic of your gift or to affiliate links that you found for related products.

Promoting Other People’s Products

You can also promote other people’s products and earn a commission.

I have a free membership where I teach people to effectively build their email list as well as some paid levels where I teach people how to start their own online business, create websites and add memberships to their site.

I have an affiliate program that you can join and earn a 75% commission. You can start to promote these products and services as soon as you join my M&M Free Membership.

You can also work your way up through the paid levels by just referring three of your friends to the free membership. You will then gain access to the first paid level which is the M&M Bronze Membership.

In this membership you will learn how to build your online business and create a website with all the necessary web pages. This will make you a professional online marketer.

Setting Up Your Follow-up Emails

Now let’s complete your list building setup in Systeme. As a free member you can send one welcome email automatically and as many emails as you like. You can also send broadcasts each week. You’ll have to do these broadcasts manually and it can serve as a newsletter.

Testing Your Subscription Channel

Go to your Facebook group and click on your post that is linked to your landing page. See if it takes you to your landing page. If not, then check to see that your link is entered correctly.

If you reach the landing page then subscribe with another email address. See if you receive the welcome email that you set up in Systeme. If not, then check inside Systeme to see that the setup is correct.

When everything is working well, then it is time to proceed to the next step of sending traffic.

Summary of What We Covered

  1. Creating your follow-up email series.
  2. Building a relationship with your list members.
  3. Promoting your own and other people’s products.
  4. Setting up your emails in Systeme.
  5. Testing your subscription setup of your list.

What is Next?

You are now ready to send traffic to your landing page. Inside Systeme you will be able to see how many people subscribe to your list and which emails they open.

You will also see on which links they click inside your emails. You want your list members to become active as soon as possible. Active members will be interested in what you have to offer.

Step 5 – Sending Traffic to Your Landing Page

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