Step 4

Your Course Conclusion

At the end of your course you should show your students what was covered in the course. This will remind them and some of them might wish to revisit some of your lessons.

Empathize what the dream outcome can be for them if they have not yet experienced it. Show them clearly what results they can expect if they act on your suggestions inside each lesson.

Tell them why it is important to not just learn about it but to implement what they learn. Show them how they could lose more than what they paid for your course if they don’t make use of it fully.

It is al also your opportunity to tell them what else you have for them. If you don’t have a follow-up program available, then you can suggest that they look at a product that you are an affiliate of.

It is easy to find such products or services online that offers an affiliate program. You might even look at what I have to offer in my memberships. You can become my affiliate and earn 75% commission on sales when you subscribe as a free member here.

You can even gain access to my Simple Course Creators System if you refer just three of your friends to join our free M&M Membership.

It is easy to get people to subscribe to a free service where they can discover how they can automatically build a prospect list for a small investment of less than $10 per month.

Summary of What Was Covered

  1. Creating your course conclusion.
  2. Summary of what your course covered.
  3. What is the dream outcome they can expect?
  4. Why is it important to them?
  5. What else can you offer your students?
  6. Become an affiliate to promote other people’s products.

What is Next?

In the next lesson we discuss how you can offer your students to become founder members in your next project and then pay you to develop exactly what they want.

Step 5 – What Is Next?

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