Step 5

What is Next?

What I am about to show you now, can take your online business to the next level. It is really a winning strategy that can help you to become the expert in your field.

After your students have successfully completed your course, then you can make them an unique offer that they won’t be able to refuse. That is especially if you helped them to see results, in getting nearer to their goal, in your course.

If you offer them lifetime access for a single discounted payment to your next product. Tell them that you have a rough idea for your next product but that you need their help in finalizing it.

You then ask them specific questions of what their biggest problems are in making progress in whatever their goals are. Also ask them what they would like to get in your new product.

This way you can get paid for your research to find solutions for them. You can be paid to produce a winning product or service that you can go on and sell for a monthly access fee as long as you want.

Not only will you be able to create a unique product, but you will save a lot of time in marketing it. If you tell your students that you will give them credit inside the product for their input, then they will promote it to all their friends without you even having to ask them to do it. They would just love to show their friends what they have been part of creating.

Inside my M&M Membership I give you access to many similar tactics and strategies that I discovered during my nearly thirty years of online experience.

You’ll discover what works well in my M&M Free Membership (Value $9.97/month) and what works even better in my paid memberships.

Learn More Below:

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M&M Silver Membership – Creating winning course procedures.

M&M Gold Membership – Using Memberships to earn monthly residual income.

M&M Diamond Membership – Our flagship membership with advanced marketing tips, tactics and proven strategies.

Your Great Bonus

As a bonus to each membership, you also get access to the levels below each membership. In the M&M Diamond Membership you get access to all our other memberships. You kill five flies with one hit!

Thank you for your time to work through this quick tutorial.

I sincerely hope that you have found great value here and I believe that we can achieve so much more together. Hope to see you soon on the other side.

Wessels Maré

Owner of M&M Membership and M&M Marketing

P.S. My friends call me Matt and you may too. Your questions and feedback are always welcome. My contact email is and if I may ask, please tell your friends about M&M. (M&M stands for Martha and Matt. Martha is my better half and we met each other on 16 April 1976. Actually the whole family is involved. Paul the eldest is our CEO, Sorita is the Graphic Designer, her husband Rihan is responsible for all our hardware and maintenace, while Stefan the youngest has the keys to the vault and handles all money matters and bookkeeping. Mamma Martha looks after the grandchildren while the parents are at work. Unfortunately we lost our eldest daughter in 2003 when she was only 20 years old in a hit-and-run accident, but now she keeps an eye on us all from above.)

(Disclaimer: Some of the links are my affiliate links and if you buy through them, I might earn a commission. No guarantee is given that you will make any money whatsoever, but I have seen the students that take action upon my guidance arise above the normal.)

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