The Story That Did NOT Make Sense

My mother used to ask me these questions when I was young like:

“What’s the difference between a hot stove?”

I could just shake me head…

Then she would give the answer with a chuckle:

“The longer you sit on it you can’t!”

Several years later I tried to do online marketing and things did not make sense to me. The more time, effort, and money I spent on it, the less I made. In fact, I made nothing and just lost a lot of money in the process.

As an engineer that also studied computer science at university, I was able to program and write HTML code to create websites. I thought it would be easy to make money online since I could handle all the tech stuff.

I registered a domain name and got hosting from GDI (Global Domains International) for my website. I bought a membership script and uploaded it to my website.

Soon I had more than fifty free members and then the magic happened…

I got my first upgrade for $6.50 and was ecstatic. It proved to me that online marketing can work.

But then life happened…

One morning I tried to log into my website, and it gave me a 404-error message.

Page not found.

I tried to contact GDI but got no answer. Everything just disappeared overnight. (I recently searched for GDI, and it was described as an Ancient Pyramid Scheme.)

Change of Direction

At that time my consulting engineering company took off and I discarded my dream to become a netpreneur.

About two years ago I was told that I was no longer needed. It happens when you live longer than 65 years. Suddenly I realized that life had become so expensive that my meagre pension was not enough to make ends meet.

Again, I turned to the internet to find a solution, but found that fierce competition has changed the game and the harder I tried the less I made. Made me think about my mother’s questions…

“What’s the difference between online marketing?”

“The longer you try, the less likely you’ll succeed!”

Another Change

Then I accidentally met Michael Cheney online on the 9th of Oct. 2023 and he offered me a gamechanger. He asked if I would like to become his apprentice. I found out that when you have a mentor with a proven track record everything just becomes much easier.

He helped me to create a winning landing page and lead magnet and showed me how to get free traffic. Then this happened:

I received the equivalent of $99.97 from Michael Cheney in commission.

It just took one week to make my first sale! It was incredible how easy it is when you get an expert to help you.

And it did not stop there. No Sir/Madam, it became a regular occurrence and changed our lives. My wife Martha, for nearly 45 years now, look at me with different eyes.

The Dream Outcome

Every morning I open my email inbox and I get to see these notifications:

Access to a mentor and success coaching keeps you accountable and it gives you the insight of what works and what you should avoid doing.

Stop to look for the next shiny object and find access to a mentor that can and will help you to get success.

If you would also like to become one of Michael’s students, I can try and see if there are any spots left. Because of his personal involvement with each apprentice, his time is limited, and he can accommodate only a certain number of new students.

Follow the link below to see if you qualify:

You will be taken to my landing page and in exchange for your contact details, I’ll give you the application link and access to the 3 Fastest Ways to $100 Paydays.

By Matt Maré

Matt Maré has been an engineer since 1980 and established his own computer business in 1993. He has been married to Martha for more than 40 years and they have three children. He is doing online marketing since 2007 and specialize in list building, website and membership creation and helping people with online marketing.

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