Using Facebook Reels for More Traffic

Recently I found a simple way to quickly get more traffic to my website. I got more than 400 views and a 18% conversion rate to my list from a single Facebook reel within just 7 days.

This is a simple way to ramp up your traffic at no cost. It takes very little time to set up these reels but there are a few tricks to it.

The reel grabs the attention and it must be clear to the viewers what your call to action is. Normally Facebook does not like you to post links but with a reel you can present your link in the video itself.

When you post your reel in Facebook you get another chance to place your link in the description of the reel which is allowed by Facebook.

Also remember to place a clear call to action with your landing page link in your bio. People that visit your Facebook fan page should immediately see what it is about and how they can learn more about your topic.

This is how I used a reel from my mentor to grab attention:

Michael Cheney’s Reel

If you want more help with the creation of reels, you are more than welcome to contact me here.

I make use of AIVideos to create my own reels. It also comes with a Voiceover Creator, AI Content Creator and an AI Image Creator. It is one of the applications I use every day. It also has a series of training videos that will have you producing excellent videos in no time.

If you have reels but just want to add your link to it, you can use the free app.

Follow these simple instructions:

1. Sign up to (It’s free.)

2. Upload your video in the 9/16 ratio.

3. Select Text and then drag and drop Headline on to the top of your video.

4. Type in: To learn more, go to [your capture page link].

5. Look below video, then drag the text so that it is visible for the whole video.

6. When done, click Export and download your video.

7. Post it as a reel in your Facebook fan page.

To see more reels in action, go to my Facebook page:

Matt Maré Marketing

If you are interested to also become an apprentice of Michael Cheney, there might still be a few slots available. It was only after I signed up with Michael that I was able to make consistent sales.

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By Matt Maré

Matt Maré has been an engineer since 1980 and established his own computer business in 1993. He has been married to Martha for more than 40 years and they have three children. He is doing online marketing since 2007 and specialize in list building, website and membership creation and helping people with online marketing.